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Pricing & Ordering

All weapons plaques are individually handmade for each customer and consequently prices depend on the complexity of the contents of the design.

Below are indicative starting prices for a basic framed weapon (no custom work or additional customer requirements). Should you be seeking a specific price for a specific project please contact us for a personalised quote.

Up to date photographs of recently completed projects can be found on our Facebook page Military Weapons Trophies or Military Weapons Trophies Australia.

As these plaques are all bespoke and highly individualised, please allow 6-7 weeks from date of payment to delivery.

Payment method is by direct debit bank transfer, we do not take credit cards.

Classic Series
Framed Weapon Plaques
Deluxe Shadow Boxes
Hand Guns
From A$450
From A$550
Rifles, Carbines, & Shotguns
From A$970
From A$1300
Sub-Machine Guns & Tacticals
From A$970
From A$1300
7.62mm Sniper Rifles
From A$1190
From A$1350
Belt-Fed Machine Guns
From A$1200
From A$1450
Large Calibre Sniper Rifles
From A$1350
From A$1600
Weapon Accessories
From $55 (contact us for pricing)

How To Order

Military Trophies Pty Ltd will customise your plaque to your specifications. Framing and background are only limited by your imagination. Unit insignia, copy decorations and badges can be supplied, or forward your personal momentos and have them mounted free of charge. Full size or miniature copies of medals (Australian/Commonwealth) are also available if required.


A 50% deposit is required on ordering, with the outstanding amount to be paid prior to shipping. Payment is to be in Australian Dollars by debit bank transfer (sorry, we don't take credit cards).

Freight Charges

Packing and postal charges will be added to the total price. Indicative freight costs are between $150 and $220 for the larger items, but if you let us know your town/suburb and postcode we'll be able to give you more accurate pricing.

All plaques are sent door to door, Australia wide using only reputable freight companies.

Overseas delivery charges are available on request.

IMPORTANT: Import Duties: Some countries impose duties, taxes and tarrifs on imported goods and these charges are levied at the point of entry into that country. The purchaser is responsible for these charges that are generally paid direct to the customs or excise authorities in that country by the receiver of the goods. Visit the US Department of Commerce website for more information.

Please Note: State legislation on purchasing facsimiles of weapons may vary throughout Australia. Please check with your local authorities prior to ordering.

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